Your “Wow” Moments

By Susan Epstein MS, RD, CDN

Patients often describe one of their favorite added benefits of their weight loss surgery as a “WOW” moment. These are moments when patients realize their lives have changed drastically and it’s an awesome feeling!
At times when the journey is more challenging, these moments are easily forgotten. Maybe you’ve hit a plateau or miss eating large quantities of your most favorite foods. Perhaps, you took for granted the amazing changes you’ve mastered and the significant amount of weight loss you’ve achieved. This is the perfect time for you to refresh your memory and relive those “wow” moments. We recommend writing a list of your special moments during your first year after weight loss surgery to capture these exciting moments. Everybody’s list should be unique and personal, but here are some examples to get you started:

  • The first time you could cross your legs when sitting on a chair
  • Moving the car seat forward
  • Being able to shop for clothing at a regular department store
  • Being able to walk 2 miles without feeling winded
  • Being able to buy any type of shoe (my feet have shrunk!)
  • Realizing that food is not the focus of your day
  • People call you “skinny”
  • Being able to sleep better
  • Not needing to ask for a seat belt extender when traveling by plane
  • Being able to ride a roller coaster with your child
  • Actually enjoying exercise
  • People walk right past you because they don’t recognize you
  • Climbing a flight of stairs without feeling like you need oxygen when you reach the top

These of course are just a few of the many real life examples. Now is the time to start keeping your own list. Just remember, you never want to forget the hard work you’ve put in to lose weight. You’re going to feel great when the weight starts coming off. You’ll be glad you took the time to reflect on your “wow” moments. This will

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