What is the Recovery Time for Sleeve Gastrectomy?

What is the Recovery Time for Sleeve Gastrectomy?

A gastric sleeve procedure can be life-changing; however, it requires healing time before you are on your feet again. It is essential to have a recovery plan and a support system around you to make the transition as smooth as possible. While everyone heals differently, most people can expect a similar recovery time after gastric sleeve surgery. 

The Recovery Time of Gastric Sleeve 

After surgery, things may be a bit hazy as the anesthesia wears off. You will also start to feel sore. Most people spend two to three days in the hospital so that medical professionals can provide support in the early healing stages.  

You can resume most other daily activities after two to four weeks. However, you should avoid strenuous exercise for a month and not continue until your doctor clears you. You will want to start small with short walks to build your strength. These exercises also set you up for the healthy lifestyle you want after surgery. 

Make sure you set up a support system before the procedure, so you do not have to go through recovery alone. You can also stock up on books, movies, board games, etc., to help the first few days go faster. If you have pets or children, ensure that you have someone to help you until you regain your strength. 

In the early stages of recovery, you will also need to stick to a lighter diet. Start with liquids and gradually increase until you can tolerate solid foods. You should be able to resume a regular diet in about six weeks.  

Your Results After Surgery

You may wonder when you will start seeing the surgery’s rewards. You can lose up to 50 percent of your excess weight after six months. After a year, you can see a loss of up to 70 percent. At around 18 months post-op, weight loss typically plateaus and enters a maintenance period. 

It is crucial to watch caloric intake and maintain healthy habits to aid the process. Educating yourself on nutrition will help you make the best health decisions. You will also have check-ins with your doctor to ensure that the process goes smoothly and that the weight comes off.  

Trusting the Process

Following all doctor protocols during the recovery process is essential to see results. You must give your body the proper time to recover to get the most out of surgery. Make diet and exercise a priority once you are feeling better, and you will see a healthier version of yourself for years to come.

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