Tips to Help You Lose Weight and Look Good for Your Daughter’s Wedding

Tips to Help You Lose Weight and Look Good for Your Daughter’s Wedding

Is your daughter getting married?

Weddings are a special time, not just for the bride, but for the mother of the bride as well. As a mum, your daughter’s wedding day is your proud moment. As much as your daughter sailing off to start a life of her own it is her life’s milestone, it is yours as well and if for no other reason, you want to look your best.

But, intentions aside, you have probably tried on the dress you want to wear on your daughter’s wedding day but it doesn’t fit. Or perhaps it fits but you don’t like how it accentuates parts of you that you don’t want to call attention to. This can be very frustrating.

Well, don’t let your weight get you down because in this post, we give you practical tips that will help you to lose weight and look good on your daughter’s wedding day.

5 tips that will help you lose weight before your daughter’s wedding day

Counting calories, endless crush diets, weight loss pills, cutting fats and enrolling for difficult workout programs… you have probably tried out all these things in the past but unfortunately, you never seem to hit your weight loss goals, and, if you do, any weight you lose seems to come right back.

If you are to lose weight before your daughter’s wedding and keep it off afterwards, you need to first make a few changes in how you approach weight loss.

One, you need a sustainable approach to weight loss. The approaches mentioned above rarely work.

Two, identify the root cause of your weight gain and address that. For example, if you work out but are constantly eating out, you will gain all the weight back.

Three, make healthy lifestyle choices and your weight will naturally start to fall off.

Lastly and most importantly, appreciate and love your current self, while accepting that you are constantly working to become a better you.

With that said, lose weight for your daughter’s wedding by doing the following:

  1. Make small changes first

A weight loss program that is sustainable needs to build up steadily. It’s normal to feel like you want all the weight off in one day, prompting you to spend hours in the gym and to reduce your calories drastically. But if you go too hard from day one, you are bound to burn out faster.

Instead of making huge changes, make small changes and set small goals. Here are some examples:

  • If you usually have pizza or other takeout foods on some weekdays, cut those out.
  • If you snack before bedtime, start taking a glass of plain or lemon water instead.
  • Once you succeed with the first small goal, add on another goal. For instance, stop dining out, or, cut sugar from your coffee.

If you work on achieving a small goal each week, by the end of one month, you will have shed 4 bad habits that are contributing to your weight gain. Keep this up a few more weeks and you will have a whole new sustainable healthy lifestyle.

  1. Look beyond the wedding day

As much as your daughter’s wedding day is your trigger for wanting to lose weight and look good, you should look beyond that one day. Think of how much your life will change for the better if you continue to feel and look glamorous for the rest of your life.

There are more important reasons for losing weight. For instance:

  • You will keep diseases such as diabetes, high blood pressure and sleep apnea at bay.
  • When you get grandchildren, you will have a lot of energy to play with them if you are fit.
  • You will have a positive outlook on life
  1. Stay active

A sedentary lifestyle is one of the causes of weight gain. Hours spent on the couch snacking while watching tv are to blame for burgeoning waist lines. If you don’t keep your activity level up, you will slip back into unhealthy habits and undo any progress you make in your weight loss journey.

Find new hobbies to replace tv-watching. For instance, take up gardening, make repairs in your home, volunteer in community initiatives, etcetera. Such activities will keep you away from the couch and prevent you from snacking.

Exercise is also important as it will keep you active and boost your metabolism. For exercise to be sustainable, find out the types of exercise you enjoy. Not everyone can keep up with high intensity interval training and endless hours of cardio workouts. Find out what works for you. If you enjoy yoga, enroll for a few yoga classes a couple of times a week.

  1. Deal with the munchies in a healthy way

You will certainly go through some low moments when you want to eat everything. Prepare for these moments by having a supply of fruits for making smoothies or fruit salads. Healthy snacks such as yogurt are also good to have around.

Another way to kill your munchies without deviating from your weight loss goal is by learning to make the foods you love at home. If for instance you love French fries, start making them at home. But, replace the regular potato with sweet potato and instead of deep frying, bake your fries.

As well, if you have any unhealthy snacks in your pantry, throw them out. Snacks such as cookies, chocolate, ice cream, candy, crisps, popcorn, fizzy drinks and sugared juices, will cause you to gain more weight.

  1. Get help from a health professional

It is okay to ask for help if you feel overwhelmed during your weight loss journey.

Sometimes, weight loss surgery might be the kind of help you need. Bariatric surgery is usually a good option especially for morbidly obese people. After surgery, you will still need to make the changes mentioned above in order to keep losing weight.

Surgery is also good if you are dealing with other diseases such as high blood pressure, diabetes or sleep apnea.

Bottom line: Start early

Unless your daughter woke up and announced that she is getting married in less than a week, you have more than enough time to prepare for her big day. Wedding days takes months of preparation and during this time, you should create your own weight loss goals. Be proud to know that walking your daughter down the aisle while feeling good about your body is merely your first milestone in your weight loss plan.

If you are choosing the weight loss surgery route, then you should start  6 to 8 months before with an appointment.

Here are Tristate Bariatrics, we have an online seminar or a live seminar (First Steps) to hear all about the pros and cons of weight loss surgery.

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