Tips on Surviving the Holiday Season

The holiday season can be one of the most joyous, and yet also, one of the most difficult times of the year. This season has also been referred to as the “hurricane” or “tornado season.” The holiday season can cause a multitude of feelings, stress, and anxiety.

Here are some simple tips for navigating the holidays:

Plan Ahead

Eat prior to attending a holiday dinner or gathering; never arrive hungry and do not skip meals.

Position Yourself

Stay as far away from the candy dishes, cookie platters, and buffet table as possible. Try positioning yourself near the music and the dance floor. Dancing will help you burn calories and maybe even lead to making some new friends.

Portion Control

Moderation is key. Remember to go for the gold first, protein. Be selective about what you put into your body. Try to “Kid-Size” your portions. Stick to vegetables when it comes to appetizers; avoid dips and spreads which are high in fat and calories. When it comes time for dessert, stick to a small helping of raw fruits.


Alcoholic drinks contain empty calories and high concentrations of sugar. Alcoholic beverages are one of the fastest ways to add extra weight. Be smart about what you drink. Try to drink clear beverages such water flavored with Neo drops, Diet Snapple, or Crystal Light. Eat your calories, do not drink them.


Record your thoughts and feelings, write down what you eat, and monitor your caloric intake.

Avoid Emotional Eating

Due to stress and anxiety, many people eat in response to feelings, thoughts, and certain emotions.

Do Not Let Food Pushers (friends, family, or co-workers) Win

Experts emphasize the importance of saying “No” over and over again to those individuals who feel that everyone should be stuffed with food. Just because it is in your hand or on your plate does not mean you have to eat it. Instead, you can just go into the next room and dump it in the trash.

Have a Coping Plan

You have to change your mind set and condition yourself. Have a list of reasons you want to loose weight and some goals you what to achieve in the next 6-12 months when you are at your ideal weight. Rehearse the reasons why you want to lose weight.

Try to start some new traditions for the holidays that are not centered around food. Add some new healthier recipes to your holiday table. Also, keep active and exercise during the holiday season. Perhaps read a new book or even take a yoga class. Embrace the past but do not be afraid to begin some new traditions.

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