The Survival Race

The Survival Race

Goals are meant to be reached, accomplished, achieved and surpassed. Everyone should set a goal to achieve, whether it is a daily goal, monthly or long term goal. Walking into the office and watching patient’s eyes light up because they met a personal goal or a Tri State goal is one of the best parts of my job. Listening to patients talk about all of the hard work they have done makes each and everyday worth every minute. Patients work so hard to obtain the goals they have set that reaching one and sharing the story makes my job amazing. July 27, 2014 I was able to run the Survival Race in New Windsor, NY with Ray Caamano and a group of people that help with support and help each other reach goals. Ray is a patient with Tri- State and he has lost 116 pounds during his weight loss journey. Ray knew I loved the mud runs and obstacle races and asked if I would run one with him. I said of course and started a Tri State Bariatrics team for the race. Ray, myself (Jennipher), Dr. Weiss’s daughter Juliana, Nidia Santana, Keith St. John and Yomaris Peralta took on the 3.1 miles and 25 obstacles.

Getting muddy doesn't stop us from winning!
You deserve a hug!
Tri State Warriors!

The obstacles are everything from walking through the swapping water or swimming, climbing over the 12ft wall, running through the muddy forest, climbing the cargo net, trying to conquer climbing the rope and ending up diving head first into the mud pit. Every step was one step closer to the mud filled pit and the finish line. Ray is an inspiration and it was an absolute pleasure to run with him. We were able to run every step together and help each other with every obstacle and step. He told me he was bit by the bug and ready to conquer another mud run or maybe even a Spartan race. I told him name the race and I’ll be there with him to cross the finish line. Goals can be reached slowly or you can dive right in and play in the mud! Reach for your goals and if you want to cross the finish line with us do it, let’s go! “Obstacles are those frightful things you see when you take your eyes off your goal.”-Henry Ford. So go over the obstacles, around them, through them push to the finish line and run across like Ray did. Everyone deserves to reach there goals and everyone should have support behind them. That could be family, friends or even a stranger who is willing to help. You never know what you are fully capable of until you take the plunge and push yourself to the breaking point. No one said this would be easy; just know that nothing beats the feeling of accomplishment.

Dirty, muddy and still smiling!
Ready for another run.
Nothing stands in our way, Tri State Warriors!
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