The Significance of the Shopping List

Going food shopping can give people an array of emotions. Some find it an annoyance, others therapeutic and for some it gives them anxiety. Whatever emotion you may have towards food shopping one thing is certain, a list makes it easier. Food stores tempt you with unnecessary purchases every second you are there. Often, people spend more than they plan to due to impulse purchases. A shopping list is a great way to stay on track.

Shopping lists allow you to stay focused on getting items you really need. One should always keep a pen and paper in their kitchen so when things are running low they can write it down. By keeping a shopping list handy, it may also help you plan out meals. A shopping list ensures that you are getting the correct foods and be less likely to forget the things you need. By planning your meals, you increase the likelihood of getting nutritious food which can enhance your weight loss.

Creating a shopping list can also save you valuable time in the grocery store. If you are familiar with your grocery store try to list and categorize your list as to how the store is set up. You’ll spend less time wandering back and forth through the aisles. The list also helps to ensure you are staying on track. By spending more time in the store because you are unsure of what you need, the likelihood of spending more money increases. Finally, by having a list you are less likely to forget items, which could cause you to make several trips to the store.

Though creating a shopping list can help you in several ways, one of the most valuable reasons to use a list is to help save money. For starters, it can give you a rough estimate of how much money you will be spending and gives you time to look for sales. Use the weekly flyers for stores to see who has the best prices. By knowing what you need you can start looking for coupons. Keep your coupons in a zip lock bag next to your list. Taking the time to find coupons could add up to a huge financial savings. Once again, by keeping a shopping list you also make less impulsive buys. Finally, don’t forget your freezer,produce and proteins can be frozen for a few months. When foods are in season or on sale buy in bulk and freeze them.

The art of creating a shopping list has become somewhat lost. The shopping list helps you to stay on track, save money and protects you from making impulsive buys. It is all too frequent that people go to the store for one thing and walk out with a shopping cart full of unnecessary items. Don’t spend time and money on things you do not need. Plan out your meals the week before so you can place nutritious foods on your plate. Grocery stores can be intimidating, which is why Tri-State Bariatrics has teamed up with the Registered Dietitian at ShopRite in Middletown to help do store walk throughs. Here you will learn to make the right decisions for continued weight loss.

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