The Importance of a Weight Loss Support System

The Importance of a Weight Loss Support System

Ask anyone who has tried, achieving long-term weight loss is difficult, especially if you have a considerable amount of weight to lose. For those who choose bariatric surgery, they have the added benefits of a team of experts, a system designed to promote steady, lasting results, and the tools to keep off the wight.

One very important aspect of lasting weight loss success is having an accommodating support system. Staying motivated and positive about your weight loss is about more than diet plans and exercise regimens.

Why is a Weight Loss Support System Necessary?

It might seem like your weight loss is all on you, but the positive support of your family and friends makes the difference between wanting to give up and staying on track. It’s difficult to see success in ourselves. It’s much easier to see successes–even minor ones– in others than in ourselves. This is exactly why kind words and encouragement from someone you know has a lasting effect.

Surround yourself with those who care about you and want you to succeed and make a plan to check in with them regularly. Just like any other goal you hope to reach, you need someone to pick you back up and support you if you should stumble or get discouraged.

Choosing the Right Support Team

Even if it seems like they care about you equally, different people will offer different strengths on your weight loss journey. Some family members or friends might offer a good sounding board when you need someone to talk to, but aren’t the best influence on your eating or exercise habits. Others might make a great exercise partner or Guinea pig for a new recipe. Recognize these strengths in others and don’t take advantage of their support.

Recognizing Hurt Feelings

On the other hand, you might notice that some people in your life seem to resent your success. It’s important not to take these feelings personally. They might be feeling upset that you decline a meal they prepared or that you aren’t willing to skip a workout to spend time with them. Remember that your lifestyle change has an impact on the people in your life as well.

These feelings might go so far as thinking that you are distancing yourself rather than working on your health goals. On social support, the Mayo Clinic reports, “It’s not uncommon for a partner or other companion to feel threatened as you lose weight. Remind your loved ones that while you’re changing your lifestyle, you’re not changing your feelings for them.”

Tri State Bariatrics: Your Medical Support Team

Finally, a proper medical support team is important before, during, and after your weight loss surgery. bariatric weight loss is a unique experience, and even with the support of loved ones, having an expert in your corner will give you the boost to excel.

The doctors and staff at Tri State will give you the advice you need about nutrition, exercise, and a better understanding of the changes your body is going through. Aftercare is critical for lasting weight loss success. We offer comprehensive weight loss support to all of our bariatric weight loss patients. Learn more about our dedication on our after-surgery support page.

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