Surrounding Yourself With Support

By: Susan Epstein, MS, RD, CDN

Changing your lifestyle and reaching your weight loss goal takes a lot of hard work! Doing this on your own can be difficult and lonely. A good support system is vital to help you achieve success. The following are some ideas to surround yourself with the support you need.

Start with your family. Explain how important this new lifestyle is to your significant other. Hopefully, your family will share in your enthusiasm and be supportive when things get tough.However, there is the possibility your family will not be on board. They may complain about the healthier meals prepared or they may get annoyed when you want to go for a walk or head to the gym. If your family is not supportive, don’t let that affect your resolve. You may just need to look elsewhere for the support you need.

Turn to your friends. Discuss your goals and plans with a close friend. Maybe he/she would like to be your walking buddy. Arrange healthy, potluck dinner parties. Share healthy recipes and provide each other with support.
If this option doesn’t come through, don’t give up! Consider trying weekly classes at a gym. Often friendships evolve with like minded people attending a class.

You can also check out support groups. Support groups are attended by people going through the same journey. At these group sessions, participants will discuss their progress and challenges. You’ll be able to give support to others as well as the support you need. These have led to the development of friendships outside the meetings as well. Surprisingly, keeping a daily food journal can also provide some support with your challenges of weight loss. Reviewing past entries, allows you to see your success and struggles. The journal enables you to be aware of the choices which worked for you and which did not. Including your current weight and thoughts, becomes the needed tool for support and motivation for long term success.

Remember, weight loss is a marathon, not just a sprint. You’re in this for lasting results. By building

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