Stocking Your Tool Box: Pt. 2

By: Diane Nunziato, RN

We all need a tool box stocked with the right tools to succeed in life as well as before and after weight loss surgery. Just as a mechanic needs the right tools to repair our cars, without the correct tools, we are just set up for failure.
As we mentioned in Stocking Your Tool Box with the Right Tools Part One, Melissa Mc Creedy PhD, a psychologist and life and wellness coach, there are three items every individual needs to successfully stock in their tool box: a clear plan and goals, a strong solid support system, and accountability. In part one of this article we reviewed the importance of a clear plan and goals. Now we will touch on the how support system and accountability come into play.

Support Systems

John Donne’s poem, “No man is an island”, deals with human’s inability to thrive in isolation. Hence the importance of human’s need for support and social interaction for when faced with difficult circumstances. It is important for us to feel understood and supported, during our weight loss journey. You might find support through your family and friends, whereas others might find it through community support groups. Some support systems can undermine your weight loss efforts. In such cases, we need to stock our tool box with strong support systems for long term success. Make a list of three individuals or support systems that you can rely on. The key to success begins with one single step.


We all need to be held accountable for our actions both before and after weight loss surgery. Structure keeps us centered and focused on our goals. Accountability keeps us working towards our goals. Having an action plan, provides positive results. Some simple ways to keep yourself accountable is to keep a written log of your daily exercise routine or water consumption. Weight loss is rarely a smooth process. You will encounter obstacles and plateaus, keeping yourself accountable and evaluating your progress, will keep you on track with your weight loss goals.

McCreedy says, “You should remember to pull out two of the most powerful tools in your tool box: acknowledgement and praise for a job well done.” Life is not always a smooth journey, we all encounter obstacles and speed bumps along our ride; but having the right tools in your box can help make your journey much smoother. Remember to reward yourself along the way for milestones to celebrate your success.


John Donne, (1623), Devotions Upon Emergent Occasions: Meditation XVII

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