Planning for Vacation

Getting stressed about your upcoming island getaway or drive down to the beach? Maybe it’s a calorie-laden cruise that has got you worried? You’re asking yourself when, where, what am I going to eat? How am I going to keep up with my exercise routine? Don’t fret! Putting a little effort into planning ahead can save you a lot of calories and set your mind at ease. After all, a vacation is meant to be fun, not stressful, so be sure to take the steps to plan out your getaway.
Do Some Research
No matter where you’re traveling this summer, it’s relatively easy to find out what resources will be available to you on your getaway. If your destination has a concierge, call ahead to find out what will be available and to ask for healthy eating options.
Restaurants – hop on the internet to see what restaurants are on location or nearby. Check out the menus for items that are “Bariatric-Friendly”. If you are uncertain, print out some menus and bring them in to your next diet follow-up with the dietitian. Keep in mind, many restaurants are willing to make alterations and substitutions to the menu items so they will better fit your needs. Call ahead and ask about their policies, explaining that you have special dietary needs.
Markets – if staying in a hotel, timeshare, or rental home you will often have the ability to prepare some of your own meals. Get on the internet again and map out the local markets so you can stock up on healthful items in your vacation pantry and refrigerator.
Rest Stops – if traveling by car, you will likely need to make some stops along the way. Find out what rest stops are on your route and what they have to offer. If traveling long distances, plan to stop enough so you can stretch your legs, get in some physical activity, and grab a bite to eat so you’re not famished by the time you get to your destination.
Gyms and Recreation – most resorts and vacation accommodations have an onsite fitness center free of charge. Find out what your vacation destination has to offer. Check out the website or look to see what fitness centers and recreational activities are available nearby.
Create an Itinerary
Using the information you got from doing your pre-vacation research, come up with a plan that includes healthy eating and physical activity. Map out where and when you’re going to eat and plan to keep healthful snacks and beverages on hand. If your locale has fitness facilities, plan to rise a some powdered options you can use so you can stay on track with your diet.
Be sure to pack some comfortable workout clothes and sneakers so you can have the option to continue your fitness routine.
Plan to Have Fun!
A vacation should be all about fun and relaxation. By planning ahead you can make the most of your trip while staying on the right path of your weight loss journey. This allows for a guilt-free return and makes getting back into your daily routine that much easier. Be sure to use your resources here at Tri-State Bariatrics to help you both before and after your trip. We can help you plan and get back on track if needed.

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