Navigating the Supermarket-Take a Tour with Us at Shop Rite

Navigating the Supermarket- Take a Tour with Us at Shop Rite

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some of the local Shop Rite supermarkets. Our mutual goal is to help you, our patient community, learn how to more effectively and healthfully navigate the supermarket. This will enable you to shop without stress while saving money, time and calories. Registered dietitian Cara Mahoney, who works at the Shop Rite on Route 211 in Middletown, NY, has been working side by side with me to help develop a list of “approved products” for you to purchase, as well as provide in-house supermarket tours. These tours occur at least once every other week and are open to all of our patient community. To sign up, simply contact our office at 845-692-8780 and ask to be included on the list of attendees. You may also contact me or Becky Aschoff for further information. We can let you know the dates and times that are available. Availability is limited to ensure a more personalized experience. Cara Mahoney, as well as other Shop Rite dietitians, is also available to meet with you individually on site to conduct tours and counseling sessions and to answer questions.

You may be wondering “what happens at a supermarket tour?” The tour is designed to allow you to explore key sections of the supermarket. These explorations include reading product labels, comparing nutrient contents of various foods, looking for desirable healthful items, and discovering products you may have otherwise overlooked. In these tours we have identified numerous healthful yogurts in the dairy section, frozen prepared meals, vegetables, and proteins in the frozen foods section, and various very low calorie condiments and dressings that can help spice up your foods and keep them moist. Also included in some sessions are recipe demonstrations using healthful products that you will be able to try while on the tour. You will also have an opportunity to ask questions and provide your own insight while moving through the aisles. These tours are not only an educational experience, but also a support group that will hopefully make you feel more comfortable when you are shopping.

As discussed in my previous article, it is both cheaper and healthier to purchase foods that are in season. I am including below a list of in season produce that is available to you right in your local supermarket. And remember, you can buy a variety of healthful fruits and vegetables all year round in the frozen foods section, but be sure there are no added sugars. Happy shopping!

Winter FruitWinter Vegetables
ClementinesBrussels sprouts
GrapefruitDelicata squash
TangerinesCollard greens

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