Measuring Weight Loss Without a Scale

Most people calculate the success of their weight loss journey based on how many pounds they have lost. However, there are many other ways to measure success and aim for the ultimate goal of overall good health. Aiming to be in a good health state is the benchmark for success.

The first step for measuring success is maintaining a positive mindset. This is beneficial for establishing goals before and after the weight loss surgery. Support from groups and individuals is essential for staying on track and being successful in the right direction. Developing a positive mindset takes time and work, but is ultimately rewarding.

Another way to measure success is by establishing a weekly check list focusing on five categories: size and shape, activity level, spiritual and emotional health, caloric and nutrient intake, and wow moments. For size and shape, record any changes in how clothing fits. With activity level, keep track of activity levels with weekly exercises. When focusing on spiritual and emotional health, record which coping mechanisms are successful and which were not. For nutrition, determine if the right amount of water and portion shakes were met. Lastly, wow moments consist of reaching a goal and rewarding oneself due to all the hard work that was put into this success.

When certain goals are reached, it is important to reward this hard work. There are three types of rewards that can be used to aim for success: mini, midrange, and big. Mini-goal rewards are met within a week or two, such as going to see a movie or buy a new book. Midrange-goal rewards are attained within a month or two, such as buying tickets for a sporting event or buying a new outfit. Big goals or triumphs take hard work, dedication, and preservation. For rewarding these, take a weekend retreat or purchase a new piece of jewelry.

Using a scale is only one way to measure success during the weight loss journey. Trying new ways to measure success and tracking the progress made will create the foundation for a positive mindset. The main goal is reaching overall good health and being successful throughout the journey.


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