Jumping Out of An Airplane with Our Patients

Goals are part of life, but when weight truly prevents you from reaching your goals, it becomes very frustrating, to say the least. As individuals begin their weight loss journey, I, as the Nurse Coordinator and Support Group Leader, encourage people to think beyond the obvious reasons they want to have weight loss surgery, such as being healthier, coming off medications, being able to walk easier, or fitting into smaller cloths, just to name a few reasons. I ask them to think of “what they would like to physically do, that they cannot do right now because of their weight”. I personally challenge anyone reading this to truly stop and think about “what you would like to do physically, that you either cannot do or would like to do easier”. I call this the real goals of weight loss surgery: “getting back into life and living life to the fullest!”

Tri-State Bariatrics is proud to share a lifelong goal of one of our patients, Vinnie. He has dreamed of going skydiving. His biggest obstacle was not his fear of skydiving, but the weight restriction for skydiving. No, he did not have weight loss surgery just to lose enough weight to be eligible. But a side benefit of having lost enough weight meant that he could now accomplish one of his goals or dreams in life. As you can see firsthand in this video what an absolute thrill it was for him to actually skydive!
When Vinnie first mentioned this goal in a support group meeting, I said I would be willing to go with him. Skydiving was an adventure I have never tried since I’ve lost my weight. At this point, I realized that a goal of mine was to never again in my life allow my weight to hold me back from any new and exciting adventures I wanted to try. So, you will not only see Vinnie skydiving, but also see my first skydiving experience! Yes we both jumped out of a perfectly good airplane; and it was amazing!!!!!

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