How to Make Weight Loss LAST

“I’ve failed at losing weight so many times…”

There are key ingredients you MUST incorporate if you want to create an effective recipe for weight loss success. Once you understand the importance of these concepts, you can create specific strategies and approaches that will work for you and that will fit your life, your needs, and your preferences. These four essential ingredients are very powerful, and when used consistently they will impact your life and your ability to achieve your goals in a much deeper and more effective way than any diet ever will.

  1. Structure:
    When you are working to change the way you eat or begin an exercise plan, including structure is an important way to keep things in action and to create a routine. Especially in the beginning, you will benefit from some kind of schedule or plan that tells you what needs to happen when.
  1. Motivation:
    Building motivation into your plan from the very beginning is one of the most valuable things that you can do. As you are developing your plan of action, it’s important to ask yourself what you will need to stay motivated.
  1. Accountability:
    Once you have a plan for action, how do you make sure that you will follow through? Incorporating accountability into your action plan is crucial to your success. It’s especially important for busy people who already have a lot on their plate and are trying to establish new habits. If you want to ensure that your new plan doesn’t get abandoned, you need accountability. Publically stating your intention and reporting back afterwards works for many people. Having someone in your corner who holds your agenda for you and gently, but firmly, helps you stick to it. This is why many people hire personal trainers and life coaches.
  1. Support:
    Support may be the most important ingredient for creating lasting weight change. Everyone hits rough patches, gets stuck, and faces challenges and lapses in motivation. Your support system is what you can lean on–what supports you when you can’t motivate yourself. The right support system can even assist you with structuring your plan, and providing motivation and accountability. Support takes many forms. Your support system might include a group, a close friend, a mentor or a coach. What you need from your support system will vary. Whether you will benefit from a partner in action, gentle encouragement, reminders, or someone you trust who will tell you the hard truth when you need to hear it, it’s important to find a system that works for you. When you have a solid system of support, you’ve broadened your resources. A support system fills in the cracks and provides the necessary elements that you aren’t able to provide yourself.

The most overlooked component of weight loss success is the endurance factor. Meaningful weight loss is weight loss that lasts. By incorporating these four essential ingredients, you’ll be well on your way to building a solid foundation for a permanent healthy lifestyle change!

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