Summer Diet: How to Make Healthy Food Choices This summer and Still Have Fun

Summer Diet: How to Make Healthy Food Choices This summer and Still Have Fun

Summer has finally arrived and with regards to diet and food choices, it presents its own set of challenges.  On my way home from work, I pass several seasonal ice cream stands. I also have several outdoor parties to attend.  I ask myself, “How can I participate socially and be a part of the party without undoing all the work I put in over the winter?” Read on below to find out how to have a healthy summer diet that will keep the weight off.

How to Make Healthy Food choices this summer and still have fun

Watch what you eat at parties

One of the keys to success is to plan ahead.  Have an idea of what food is going to be served and ask yourself if you are comfortable eating it.  If not, bring your own food or have a protein shake as back-up.  If it is a pot luck, bring a dish to share that you can eat.

Stay away from the buffet table

Only visit the buffet table one time, have your plate then move away. Once you are done eating, keep yourself distracted.  If there is a pool or lake, go for a swim, or bring an outdoor game everyone can enjoy and keep busy.  Avoid grazing or standing next to the food table.

Know your triggers

It is important to know your triggers, keep your goals in mind, and have achievable expectations. Some of the triggers to avoid might include:

  • Avoid extreme thinking in extreme heat as this only triggers the desire to eat.
  • If you are actively trying to lose weight, avoid extra calories by going for healthier alternatives. For instance, if you desire a frozen treat, freeze a Greek yogurt or have sugar-free ice pops on hand. Also, freeze your low-calorie drinks in place of flavored ice.

If you are anything like me, ice cream is a big trigger; one taste will lead to a pint.  I know I have to avoid it.  Sure, it’s hard, but reminding myself of how far I have come and how good I feel does help to avoid getting off track.

Show off your weight loss accomplishments

If you are on maintenance and feeling proud of your accomplishments, splurge on a new sundress or buy that bathing suit that you have always pictured yourself in.  Treat yourself to a pedicure to show off your open toed shoes.

Find ways to treat yourself this summer without the summer treats.  It’s better to fight off your cravings in the moment than feel uncomfortable for the next few months because you can only wear baggy shirts and pants in the summer heat.

Fill your day with small outdoor or indoor projects

On your way to the beach? Fill the cooler with ice, water, cut up veggies to snack on…go back to childhood and build a sandcastle or collect shells.  If it’s too hot to go outside, clean out your closets, sort through and get rid of what may be collecting dust…all those projects you put off during the winter.

Plan all your meals

Working in the summer? Stay true to what works – meal prep, planning ahead.  Don’t leave yourself searching for a sweet treat or find yourself pulling in for that soft serve.  Learn to enjoy the summer without sabotaging your progress.

Watch what you eat on your vacations

Last but not least, be smart on your vacations. Vacation is not a reason to abandon your routine.  If you are going to be away from home, most hotels have mini-fridges so, bring your protein shakes and healthy snacks.

If you are eating out, have an idea of what you are going to order, limit browsing the menu and most of all, skip dessert.  More so, remember to stick to your eating techniques, slow, chew, stop when feeling full.  Most importantly, smile and soak up the sun while you are staying hydrated!

I hope this article was helpful. Let me know.
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