Getting the Support You Need

Getting the support you need is one of the best ways to continue having success with weight loss. Often, people who don’t keep focus or aren’t given proper care, find themselves at a weight loss plateau. Losing weight from bariatric surgery can bring about dramatic changes in your life. One of the best ways to stay motivated and receive positive reinforcement is to attend support groups. At Tri-State Bariatrics, support groups are always ran by a clinical staff member who can give you accurate information for your questions.
Support groups, without much contest, are one of the reasons people have long-term success. They offer a sense of companionship. There is no better place to get your questions answered then by being surrounded by licensed professionals as well as people who have first hand experience. There are certain social, mental and physical issues that no one could understand except those who have lived it. It is a “judgment free” zone that allows everyone to express themselves openly.
Attending support groups also helps maintain your accountability. Time and time again you will hear that bariatric surgery is a tool. This surgery consists of making continual life long changes. When people start to distance themselves from follow ups, or get complacent, weight gain is normally the outcome. People need a place where they can be honest to themselves about their diet, exercise and what they should be doing. By forcing yourself to stay accountable for your weight loss the better your success will be. It allows you to listen to other people’s stories about how they may have dealt with similar hurdles.
Another thing support groups help you realize is that our culture is heavily based around food. From holidays, social events, family time and advertisements; food is everywhere. Being under a different restriction with food after surgery can cause some mental distress. Having the support of others who understand where you are coming from can make the process easier. Others who have had bariatric surgery can help to show you how to redirect the focus from food to something else. Family and friends can be very supportive yet also unhelpful. There may be times where loved ones try to push their love on you with food by encouraging you to have “just a little.” By attending a group you can get advice on how to deal with this situation appropriately.
Support groups allow individuals to receive positive encouragement for the struggles they are overcoming. It is also a place where one can share their experiences in a comfortable, welcoming setting. These groups help people share ideas, recipes, tricks and information from people who know best; others that have had surgery. Support groups help you to stay focus and accountable for the goals you have set for yourself. Get re-acquainted with your support group today!

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