Getting Started with Exercise

It is becoming that time of year when the weather is warming up and the day is slowly becoming
lighter longer. It makes you want to get outside and enjoy every minute of it. Many people want to begin an exercise regime but the thought of starting is so overwhelming and they generally don’t know where to begin. For someone who is new to exercise, baby steps are important. Take things slow and work toward building yourself up to a more intense and rigorous workout.

Exercise that increases your heart rate and moves large muscles such as the muscles in your arms and
legs are best. Start of slow and gradually increase yourself as you become used to it. Walking is very popular and does not require any special equipment or money. Other forms of good exercise are swimming, jogging, biking and dancing. Exercise can also consist of simple things like taking the stairs instead of using the elevator or walking/riding a bike instead of driving your car.

The thought of exercising is overwhelming to many people so even just a small amount of exercise is better than no exercise at all. Getting up from the couch during commercial breaks and walking around the room or just doing leg lifts while sitting is a great start. Start off with an activity that is fairly easy, and then slowly increase the time and intensity. Weight lifting is also another form of exercise that provides resistance training. If this is something that a person is interested in, contact a local gym or someone who is knowledgeable about resistance training. This person can help you start off and teach you how to exercise safely with weights or machines. If a person has any type of medical condition that may be affected by exercise, they should always consult with their doctor prior to beginning to ensure that it is safe.

Any type of exercise should begin with a gradual warm-up period. During this 5-10 minute period of time, a person should stretch their muscles before beginning your exercise routine. Be sure to stretch your arms, legs, chest and back. After you finish exercising, there should also be a cool down period of also 5-10 minutes. Again, stretching your muscles and allowing your heart rate to slow down gradually.

Exercise can be fun. Choose an activity that you may enjoy. To avoid boredom, mix it up occasionally or choose a friend to exercise with. Part of the reason exercising can be overwhelming is because of our busy schedule. There are always ways of fitting in some form of exercise. Get up an hour earlier, walk during your lunch break or get on your treadmill while you watch television at night. The more exercise you do, the more active you will want to become. You will find energy that you never knew you had.

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