Eating On the Run

By: Susan Epstein, MS, RD, CDN

We all live busy lives. Sometimes our busy lifestyles make having well balanced homemade meals very challenging. We are all looking for fast, easy, tasty foods that will fit into our busy lives. Here are some tips to help you stay healthy in today’s hectic world:

  1. Plan ahead. Either keep healthy snacks with you or look at menus of restaurants before choosing where you’ll eat.
  2. When eating out, pay attention to how your food is prepared. Look for terms such as “baked”, “grilled”, “roasted”, “poached”, or “steamed”. Avoid foods that are fried, buttered, creamed, or breaded.
  3. Don’t be shy to make a special request while dining out. Ask for dressings or sauces on the side. Ask that the vegetables be steamed rather than sautéed.
  4. When you arrive at a restaurant, ask them to remove the bread or crackers from the table.
  5. At the salad bar, be sure to add lean proteins to your salad. Go easy on dressing and higher fat toppings. Always ask for your “light” dressing on the side.
  6. Remember your proteins, and eat them first. These include seafood, grilled chicken, and turkey.
  7. Grabbing dinner at the supermarket? Choose rotisserie chicken with salad in a bag or try sliced turkey breast with cut up vegetables.
  8. If food is perishable, remember to store it in a cooler. If food stays at room temperature for more than 2 hours, toss it out.
  9. Excellent choices of foods to pack in the cooler include turkey, cheese sticks, fruit, cut vegetables, yogurt, and ready to drink protein shakes.
  10. Remember to stay hydrated. If you’re running around, it’s more important than ever to drink your 64 oz of water/sugar free beverages. Always keep your beverages accessible.

Remember, consuming the right foods is an important part of maintaining your busy lifestyle. A little planning and preparation go a long way in keeping you healthy and active!

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