Commit to your Weight Loss

Losing weight is a lifelong commitment. It is important to remember that being the weight you are did not happen overnight. Therefore, one should not suspect that it will come off easily. As many people may know, losing weight is much more difficult than putting it on. Whether you are just trying to lose weight or have had bariatric surgery done, both are serious commitments. Specifically when speaking about bariatric surgery, it is extremely important to continue follow up care. That means keeping and attending your appointments. That is the best way to achieve lasting weight loss, continued education and focus.

Deciding to lose weight is a great start but what will help you stay on track when temptations present themselves. When thinking of reasons for losing weight begin with the fact that it will help prolong your life, decrease chances of diseases as well as being more energetic. However, those are pretty general statements that most people hear when they are at doctors offices. Think of something specific that will motivate you to stay on course. Once you determine what these things are, write them down and keep them near you. This will be a constant reminder of why you started this process to begin with. You need to be clear with yourself so you can stay focused in your times of struggle. Remember it is actually you who is in charge of your cravings, workouts, environment and happiness. When you come in contact with something enticing, YOU do have the willpower to say no.

Committing to weight loss also requires the desire to do so. Find that self motivation that will help you go the extra mile. You should love yourself and your body enough to do anything to help live a healthier, longer life. You are the only person that will suffer by not sticking to your plan. Have a conversation with only yourself and discuss what factors have led you to gaining weight. Also, say to yourself you will make changes. Do this by thinking of the usual excuses you use. You want to be able to call yourself out when an excuse presents itself. Such as, “I’m too tired to go for a walk tonight.” Make a pack before you begin your weight loss journey that you will not allow yourself to be self-sabotaged. Go for that walk regardless of your energy levels at that time. One reason for fatigue may be the extra pounds you are carrying around and that tiredness won’t go away until you push yourself through changes. Walking only requires sneakers, so excuses are limited. If you do continually feel tired, look at your overall nutrition, stress and sleeping schedule as many of those can be a factor.

Weight loss is on the minds of millions of Americans. Succeeding at lasting weight loss however, takes considerable commitment. Psychologists have stated it takes 21 days to change a habit but can take up to 6 months to adopt a habit in your life. Don’t wait for that special “right time” to start a diet. There is no right time, except for today. There is no reason to put off a healthier life any longer.

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