Beat the Heat

Quite frequently during the summer we hear patients say I’m too hot to __. Whether it’s I’m too hot to cook for myself, I’m too hot to be active, or something else, the heat can throw you off track. Keep your motivation going. Most people know that when they stop eating on a regular schedule or stop moving, they don’t see the weight loss they want. The summer is a good time to slow down your life and relax a little more, however, keep your health in the forefront.

Many people are lucky enough to have summers off or summer hours. This allows more freedom but also more chance to get off your normal routine. People often state that they forget to eat or are too hot to eat. This starts the beginning of a plateau. It is vital to keep with a schedule during the summer months. A good rule of thumb is to eat within the first hour that you are awake (unless on medications where this is prohibited) and then every 4-5 hrs after that. When you feel that you are on the run or running the kids all over town, always keep a protein drink in tow. Not only is it convenient when you can’t stop for a meal but it will be a good source of protein. In addition to convenience a protein drink is great as a meal replacement when you don’t feel like eating anything. You need to keep your metabolism moving and when you skip your meals, you slow it down.

The heat can make everyone sluggish but don’t let that get the best of you. Early mornings and evenings are the coolest times of day to exercise. By staying hydrated with water throughout the day it can keep your body feeling cool. Depending on your workouts you may want to tone it back to simply walking. You can still receive great benefits from walking at a brisk pace. It’ll be enough to keep your metabolism cranked up but light enough to not push it too hard in the heat. On the cooler days be adventurous and try hiking, biking or tennis. Please be advised though in situations like heat waves it may be best to limit any outside activity. There is always the option of walking in a cool setting such as a mall.

Putting your health first is a full time job and something that should be taken seriously. Though it may seem like a struggle during the summer it is important to follow your everyday regimen. Other health tips include wearing sunblock to protect your skin, enjoy the shade and take some time to relax. The summer is a time to enjoy yourself but also remember what your end goal is, to be healthy.

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