A Real Life Treasure Hunt

The longer days and warmer weather brings urgency to get out and be active. Many of us remember being outside all day when we were younger but as you grow up and more responsibility comes your way, you find less time to do what you want. Make this summer a time to let your inner child out. Either after work or on the weekends, stay outside for as long as possible. The main thing you need to do is motivate yourself. The winter still haunts most of us, so appreciate this time of year; it’s not as long as we’d like. A fun way to get outside and active is to Geocache. Geocaching is a real life treasure hunt going on all over the world. There are over 2 million caches hiding, waiting for you to find them.

First, let’s discuss further what geocaching is. Geocaching is a hide and seek game where people leave little trinkets in specific locations. To play this game the only thing you need is a GPS enabled device. For most of us with smart phones, that is easy. However, you could charge your car GPS and take that as well. Start by going to the website and putting in your zip code. There will be a list of different caches in your area to find. After clicking on a cache it will give you GPS coordinates to find the treasure. The caches come in different sizes which also lead to different levels of experience. A cache can be as big as a large bucket and as small as a tiny storage box depending on the level of difficulty you choose.

Engaging in outdoor activities is one of the joys of summer. Geocaching is a great thing to get the whole family out together and active. Caches often found in small to large containers usually contain trade items. So if you see something you like, you can take it as long as you leave something of equal or greater value behind. Each cache also contains a log book, so you can leave your name and date of when you found it. When joining the website, you can also log all your found caches to your account. If you like this real life treasure hunt game you can also hide pieces yourself by following the rules listed on the website.

Summer is a time to get out and try new experiences. Though walking gives you many health benefits sometimes people just need an adventure. This offers a new twist on a great workout. Whether you find a cache while hiking or just walking through your town, this game can give you a sense of accomplishment. Let your inner child come out and play this summer. It won’t only help your mental state but also your physical being.

All information regarding Geocaching can be found at:

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