How Much Work it Takes to Burn Off Those Holiday Calories

How Much Work it Takes to Burn Off Those Holiday Calories

How Much Work it Takes to Burn Off Calories in your Holiday food

The holiday season is a time filled with joy, family, celebrations and plenty of food. Most holiday food tends to be filled with great flavor and tons of fat, sugar and calories.  You may find these holiday treats very tempting and it may seem impossible to avoid taking a taste here and another there.

However, you will think twice once you see how much work it takes to burn off those calories. Below is a chart showing on average how many minutes of exercise is takes to burn off  calories in some of your favorite holiday food.

Holiday TreatCalories

Minutes of Walking

Minutes of JoggingMinutes of SwimmingMinutes of Cycling
Pumpkin Pie316 calories88 minutes36 minutes26 minutes48 minutes
Apple Pie411calories114 minutes47 minutes34 minutes63 minutes
Pecan Pie503 calories139 minutes58 minutes42 minutes77 minutes
Sweet Potato Pie410 calories114 minutes47 minutes34 minutes63 minutes
Gingerbread Cookie140 calories39 minutes16 minutes12 minutes21 minutes
Chocolate Fudge Square70 calories19 minutes8 minutes6 minutes 11 minutes
1 cup
344 calories95 minutes39 minutes29 minutes52 minutes
Cheesecake257 calories71 minutes29 minutes21 minutes39 minutes
1/2 cup
178 calories49 minutes20 minutes15 minutes27 minutes
Sugar Cookie300 calories83 minutes34 minutes25 minutes46 minutes
Candy Cane60 calories17 minutes7 minutes5 minutes9 minutes
Mashed Potato
1 cup
237 calories66 minutes27 minutes20 minutes36 minutes
Panettone220 calories61 minutes25 minutes18 minutes34 minutes
Mulled Wine
4 ounces
140 calories39 minutes16 minutes12 minutes21 minutes
Fruitcake330 calories92 minutes38 minutes27 minutes50 minutes
1 pancake
102 calories28 minutes11 minutes8 minutes15 minutes
2 inch square
212 calories61 minutes25 minutes18 minutes34 minutes
1 Chocolate Gold Coin85 calories24 minutes10 minutes7 minutes13 minutes

So, next time you are tempted to take a bite of that scrumptious looking pie, cake or cookie, take a look at this chart. It will remind you how much work it’s going to take for you to burn all those calories.

Have a Happy and Healthy Holiday Season!!

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