You Deserve A Hug

Image of Suffern office with 2 people hugging

“You Deserve a Hug!” Our commitment & philosophy

In 2013, TRI STATE BARIATRICS surveyed all its staff and numerous current and former patients and asked them a simple question.

What makes TRI STATE BARIATRICS special?

The overwhelming answer was that everyone at TRISTATE BARIATRICS genuinely cares about their patients. They demonstrate this through countless simple acts of kindness such as giving them a hug, learning about their life, and always welcoming them with a warm smile, in addition, they always take patient calls (no answering machines during business hours) and supporting them through the process of surgery with specific dedicated people known as navigators.

This prompted the following memo written by Dr. Kwon to all his staff that summarizes the inspiration of our tag line “You Deserve a Hug“.

Dear Surgeons and staff,

I would like to share with you our new logo and tag line.The Logo represents the staff at our patients a hug. Our tag line:“You deserve a Hug!” was inspired by two things:
First, many severely obese patients cannot get a decent hug from loved ones. Those of us who are not severely obese often take this for granted. Many patients have shared with us that after substantial weight loss, they are able to hug and be hugged by their loved ones once again. Secondly, it conveys our staff’s genuine concern for each patient’s well-being. I know that each of you shares my deep compassion for our patients, and that you care a great deal for each and every one. So, as appropriate, please feel free to continue to “hug our patients” as an expression of our genuine care for them.

TSB has grown over the past 10 years to what it is today because of our commitment to and the execution of my original vision of providing excellent surgical care for the severely obese with compassion and professionalism. As you all know, many of our new patients come to TSB because of friend, family, co-worker, or MD referrals based on the reputation that we have developed in the region. With our nurse practitioners, dietitians, nurses, psychiatrist, and non-clinical support staff, we provide a true model of integrated health delivery for the very significant public health problem of severe obesity. Each of you have witnessed many successes and I hope that you can personally take pride in knowing that you have had a significant part in those successes. Each of you has contributed to making our patients feel that we really care about them as individuals.
Thank you for being a part of TSB.

Dr. Peter Kwon