Post Operative Support

TRI STATE BARIATRICS Extensive Post-Op Support


There is a myth about follow-up care after weight loss surgery. The myth is that once you have bariatric surgery and your incisions are healed you’re good to go, and don’t need to go back to your bariatric doctor’s office. That myth is definitely false!

We believe you need to work very closely with our team after your surgery.

Yes your surgery gives you a tool to help you lose weight but you will need to learn how to master your surgical tool and how to make permanent changes in how you associate with food.

At Tri State Bariatrics we have a well-established comprehensive follow-up program with years of experience and expertise. We do not just focus on your weight loss but also how to keep the weight off permanently. We are prepared to help you every step of the way. We have an extensive team of professionals including our Nurse Practitioners, Registered Dietitians, Psychiatrist, Licensed Social Worker, Nurses, and Surgeons that help you make these lifestyle changes a permanent part of your life.

Your job is to let us help you!


You may be wondering what type of help is needed once you have surgery. Our staff will work with you to help you learn how to use your surgical tool whether it is the Lapband, Sleeve Gastrectomy, or Gastric Bypass.

Our team will teach you and explain not only how but why you need to eat very slowly using practical every day techniques. They will help you understand how to listen to your own body and be able to determine the difference between physical hunger and mental hunger. Understanding the effects of carbohydrates on your body and how they impact your uncontrollable physical craving for more.


Did you know that skipping two meals and eating one healthy meal can actually cause you to gain weight? Yes we have seen our patients gain weight after surgery – not because they are eating carbohydrates but because they are not consuming enough protein. When your body does not have enough protein from foods, your body will not use your fat cells as energy – it will use your lean muscles for energy instead. This can actually cause you to gain weight. Our team helps you understand how much protein your body needs every day. They help you read labels so that you truly understand what you’re reading. We will give you recommendations on what type of protein drinks to use. As you will learn, not all protein drinks on the market are acceptable according to our program’s guidelines.

How to handle social situations around food is another area that our dedicated team members are ready to provide you with support. Just think about how many times in just one week that you are confronted with food choices – ok even one day! It’s one thing to learn how to deal with food choices yourself, let alone when you’re in a social situation. Learning how to say NO is not easy, especially saying no to friends or family, which is a whole other challenge in itself. Our staff helps you to learn what food options to choose and how to deal with people who are food pushers or saboteurs.

We are prepared to help every one of our patients make permanent lifestyle changes, but this does not happen overnight. Your job is to let us help you by working with our team very closely.

Making permanent lifestyle changes is not easy but it is feasible with the help from our team at Tri State Bariatrics.