Exercise in old age. 65 Reasons to stay active even in your golden years

Exercise in old age. 65 Reasons to stay active even in your golden years

By Diana Larson, RN

As you age, your body undergoes certain changes, and you may find yourself making excuses for why you can’t exercise like you used to. Changes in mobility, flexibility, and joint stiffness may leave you feeling like exercise isn’t always possible. However, the benefits of exercise greatly outweigh the risks.

What do I do with the extra skin after Sleeve Gastrectomy?

Handling Extra Skin after Sleeve Stomach Surgery

By: Jessica Basso, RN, BSN

Firstly, what is a Sleeve Gastrectomy?

This is a surgical procedure to help aid individuals with weight loss. With the Sleeve Gastrectomy (Sleeve Stomach Weight Loss Surgery) you can expect to lose an average of about 60-70% of your excess weight the first year.*

With that significant amount of weight loss,

The Health Benefits of Yoga, Part II

The Health Benefits of Yoga

Part II

By JSCepeda

Yoga is widely known to reawaken the mental and physical body, when
practiced on a consistent basis, through a series of different asanas
or poses. However, the vast array of benefits range from overall
muscular flexibility to joint mobility and postural alignment.

The Health Benefits of Yoga(Part One-Yoga’s Origins)

By JSCepeda

The origins of yoga began well over 5,000 years ago. Yoga is the Sanskrit word “to join” or “to unite” which melds the physical, mental and spiritual practice with breath. Therefore, yoga is the practice of joining all three aforementioned components to create a level of conscious harmony.
To better understand the origin of yoga,

Excuses Take Up Time, Exercise Doesn’t Have To

By Laura Greaney, MSN, Nutritionist

I don’t have time to exercise. I can’t afford a gym membership. I’m too tired. These excuses are things I hear daily about reasons why people do not exercise. Exercise is an essential part of not only losing weight, but also having a healthy, longer life. The main point of exercise is making sure heart rate elevates.