The Multivitamin Patch

By Laura Greaney, MSN Nutritionist

If you have been to the office lately, you may have heard the buzz about a multivitamin patch. It’s a great way to receive all of your vitamins, in a more cost effective way. The multivitamin patch delivers your vitamins in the same way as topical prescription pharmaceuticals. But why choose a patch over oral vitamins? Firsy, most people forget to space their vitamins throughout the day, which will interfere with absorption. Also, most people complain of nausea. Sometimes, the vitamins themselves can cause discomfort or gas. A patch can simplify the vitamin process for you.

When being told about the patch, patients wonder if it will actually work and is it safe. There are several studies that support adequate absorption of transdermal vitamins. In a randomized controlled study looking at topical Vitamin D3 absorption, the results determined vitamins could safely be administered through a topical route. Specifically in bariatric patients, malabsorption could be an issue when taking vitamins orally. With a topical patch, the vitamins bypass the absorption process through the stomach and goes right through your skin. The Multivitamin Plus Patch also exceeds the guidelines the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery (ASMBS) requires. The ASMBS is the society, which helps create guidelines for bariatric patients. It is also important to note the Weight Loss Surgery Foundation of America (WLSFA) helps fund research for this company. This is the only nonprofit organization in the United States that funds grants for weight loss surgery.

So where can you buy them? Unfortunately, the patch is currently only available by ordering off the Internet. It is not sold in stores. You can purchase the patch from Amazon, and BariMart. By eliminating the taste of the vitamins, appropriate spacing of vitamins throughout the day, spacing away from certain medication and just remembering to take vitamins. People currently using the patch show adequate vitamins levels post-operatively, have more energy, and are more consistent taking their vitamins. Generally it is more cost effective as well. The patch for a 30-day supply is roughly around $17.99. When you factor in the cost for all four monthly vitamins, the multivitamin patch is a much better option and a no brainer.

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