Non-weight/scale Measures of Weight Loss Success

Often when we are on a weight loss journey, we forget about all the non-weight related milestones and accomplishments we achieve. There is often a laundry list of successes that we need to remember when we are questioning our overall success. By looking at each one of the different aspects of our lives, we can see if we are truly on the path to a healthy lifestyle.

Activity Level:
-How often are you moving your body or working out per week?

-How active are you overall?

Nutrient Intake:
-Has your intake been on track for the past week 90-95% of the time?

-Did you consume at least 64 ounces of low calorie fluids per day?

-Have you been taking all of your vitamins and supplements daily?

-Are your clothes feeling good, tighter or looser today?

-Have you lost of gained inches?

-Am I honest with myself about my behaviors (good or bad)?

-Am I treating myself with love and kindness?

-Did I pamper myself in a non-food related way today?

Challenges and Successes:
-Was I able to overcome my challenges this week without turning to food?

-Did I celebrate my accomplishments/successes without food?

If you can answer these questions honestly, you can truly measure your overall success not just by the scale, but by your day to day actions.

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