Excuses Take Up Time, Exercise Doesn’t Have To

By Laura Greaney, MSN, Nutritionist

I don’t have time to exercise. I can’t afford a gym membership. I’m too tired. These excuses are things I hear daily about reasons why people do not exercise. Exercise is an essential part of not only losing weight, but also having a healthy, longer life. The main point of exercise is making sure heart rate elevates. I always remind people, your heart doesn’t know what it’s doing, it just knows that it is beating faster. Therefore, do anything that gets your heart rate up for an extended period of time. You do not need to go to the gym to get in some exercise. Examples of exercising without the gym are taking walks during your lunch break. Doing sitting exercises when you get home from work or at work, dance around your house. Any movement, which can elevate your heart rate, and one you can tolerate.

The best part is you don’t need to set aside hours of time to do exercise. It’s been shown that a few, quick, 15-20 minute outbursts during the day can be just as beneficial as longer workouts. This is called Interval Training. The point of interval training is to do periods of time high activity, followed by periods of rest, then repeat. The definition of “high intensity” will be different for each person. Due to the higher intensity that is performed in shorter workouts, this can help burn more fats. The shorter periods of intense training can also help speed up your heart rate and help you achieve closer to 100% of your maximum capabilities. Even those with chronic diseases have been able to do some form of interval training, based on their limitations. Furthermore, studies have found that walking intervals are more beneficial for Type II diabetics because it controls the blood sugars. Whatever type of exercise may benefit you, whether it be walking, yoga or sitting exercises, Stop The Excuses and find 20-30 minutes a few times a week to do it. Remember, “it’s only cold if you’re standing still.” So get moving!

Reference: Short Bursts of Exercise Are Better Than Exercising Nonstop

Alexandra Sifferlin Aug. 5, 2014. http://time.com/3082281/short-bursts-of-exercise-are-better-than-exercising-nonstop/

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