Drink Up!

Everyone knows that they should drink water, yet most people are not drinking nearly enough. Water should be your main beverage throughout the day. Coffee and sugary beverages are not good choices to have in abundance. A minimum of 4 water bottles should be consumed by every female and male, bariatric surgery or not. Your body is composed of 75% of water but that water depletes during the day. It is your job to replace the water that leaves your body. Your body must maintain adequate levels of water to run properly. It is suggested by Dr. Batmanghelidj’s hydration guidelines to drink half your body weight in ounces of water a day to provide proper hydration.

Dehydration can be a scary event. Most people will need to go to the hospital when they are dehydrated. According to the Duke Chemistry Department, there are different levels of danger when speaking about dehydration. When the body is 1-2% dehydrated you often start to experience hunger or thirst. By keeping yourself properly hydrated most will feel more satisfied throughout the day. At 5% water loss, you’ll begin to feel weak and your stamina will decrease. By 10% water loss you’ll start to have blurred vision and possibly become delusional. If you were to reach 20% water loss in your body, it would result in death. Most people are aware that they will lose water through urination but they will also lose it through sweating, breathing and passing bowels. When you don’t get enough water and can’t eliminate toxins through urinating, poisonous levels will begin to build leading to the possibility of an illness or death. Not getting in enough water is also the number one reason for constipation issues.

Water is an essential part to living and maintaining a stable environment. Water is a key part to keeping your body’s temperature normal. The body only works within a narrow range of temperatures so it is important to keep it constant. Water will be released onto your skin to cool it down when it starts getting too hot, also known as sweating. Furthermore, for people with joint pains, water will help to lubricate/cushion your joints. Water helps reduce stiffness, makes sure movements are smooth and protects the spinal cord. Another benefit of water is that it can help with your weight loss. According to Vanderbilt University School of Medicine your sympathetic nervous system is increased with more water, which expends more energy, promoting weight loss.

Water is the most important liquid that needs to enter your body. It is something that you should be drinking all day long to replace the constant disappearing water from daily activities. It will help with your hunger, thirst, energy, cravings, weight loss and skin. Start to drink water every 5 mins for the next few days and you’ll notice the difference.

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