Todd Weiss testimonial

Review of Tristate Bariatrics 5 stars

First thing I will say is that Dr. Rivera along with my team of doctors from my Primary Physician to my Cardiologist saved my life ! When I stepped on the scale and saw that I had ballooned to 429 pounds I knew it was time for a life change and that I would need help. When one is that heavy the health risks are so high not to mention how hard my life had become. Simply bending over to tie my shoes was a daunting task never mind not being able to walk a city block without taking a break and I had developed countless health issues including severe Sleep Apnea. After many discussions with my Doctors and Family I made the decision to have Gastric Sleeve Surgery. I had already begun my life change 3 years earlier by quitting smoking for good, that was the first step. The change in my health from that alone was remarkable. Now came time to loose the weight for good and found my way to Dr. Ramone Rivera and TriState Bariactrics. After 6 months of support groups, nutrition classes and evaluations the day had finally come that would change my life forever. I had my surgery on May 4th 2015 and over the last 16 months I have lost 200 pounds, (THAT’S A WHOLE PERSON !!!) I have gone from a size 6XL shirt to a L/XL and a size 58 to a 38 waist and continue to loose weight today. My endurance level is thru the roof, my Sleep Apnea is gone and many of my medications have been cut dramatically and some completely eliminated. I now follow a regular exercise regimen that includes at least 10 miles of walking a day. And when I am not walking I get out and bike ride and swim regularly. This year I will also participate in the MS Bike Tour this year which is a 30 mile ride around Manhattan to help find a cure for Multiple Sclerosis, something I never would have been able to do 2 years ago. My team at Tri State that includes Dr. Rivera, my Dietitian Vincenza Garcia and Nurse Practitioner Laura DeAndrade have truly help keep me focused and on track throughout my journey. And I cannot forget the front staff at the Suffern Office Audrey Cannizzaro and Leslie Rehyer who I adore and are so very encouraging and delightful !! If weight loss is something you need to consider to change your life, there is no better team that will help get you there than The team at Tri State Bariactrics.

Todd S. Weiss