Tri State Bariatrics Nurses

Deciding to have bariatric surgery is a big step that is followed by a series of smaller steps.

tri-state-bariatrics-nurse2Knowing what to expect is very important. TRI STATE BARIATRICS put a premium on sharing and explaining all pertinent information about weight loss surgery to our patients so that they can evaluate the risks and benefits of this surgery, including the major lifestyle changes required and how to make those changes permanent.

Nurses have been trained to understand the different ways a person learns. Everyone learns new information in different ways. Some people learn by watching and listening to a presentation. Others learn by reading and yet another person learns by listening and asking questions in a group setting or one on one consultations.

The nurses at Tri-State Bariatrics are not only skilled at helping people learn but also very knowledgeable about weight loss surgery. We aim to provide you with the most up to date information in a way that is clear and understandable so that you can decide if surgery is right for you.

Before weight loss surgery a person is required to undergo several different tests and consultations. Some of these tests and consultations are required by your individual insurance company while others are required by Tri-State Bariatrics. This process can become overwhelming. At Tri-State Bariatrics we have patient navigators who are designated to help you navigate this sometimes tedious process!

Tri State Bariatrics RN Jessica Basso reviewing pre op information.

Our patient navigator will meet with you one on one at your first formal office visit. Also on that first day, our navigator and/or insurance liaison will double check with your insurance company to confirm that you have bariatric coverage under your insurance policy. They will also be able to confirm that you meet the criteria set forth by your insurance company.

The next step our navigator will take with you is to give you an individualized step by step written guideline of what you will need to do. Every detail of what is needed is explained. You will even receive sample letters to help you work closely with your own doctors. They will also help you schedule your next appointment at our office with the various staff members. At the end of your first meeting with the navigator you will know exactly what your next step is towards weight loss surgery.


Our navigators will continue to help guide you through each next step during your office visits or on the phone. They will confirm with you what tests or consultations have been received in the office, and can help retrieve any tests that have already been done. You may have questions along the way that either they can answer or have one of our clinical staff members answer for you.

Tri State Bariatrics Navigator 1_245x274

When the time comes for you and the surgeon to schedule your bariatric surgery we don’t want anything to delay your scheduled surgery date. Our patient navigators work diligently to ensure everything is done and ready for your surgeon to review and ultimately be submitted into your insurance company by our insurance liaison.

So please reach out to our Nurses and Patient Navigators to help you along your journey.

Photo of Becky Aschoff
Becky Aschoff
RN, BSN, CBN Program Management

Monroe County Area Vocational Technical School:
Licensed Practical Nurse
Orange County Community College: Registered Nurse
University of Phoenix: Bachelors Degree in Nursing

Becky has over 25 years of nursing experience. Over the years she continually thrived on furthering her knowledge as a nurse through schooling and specialty nursing certifications because she knows knowledge is key the success of her patients. Her first job as a nurse was caring for individuals who had sustained a traumatic head injury. One of her life lessons she learned was to never give up hope for anyone no matter what. She then worked in an acute care rehabilitation center where she attained her certification as a rehabilitation nurse. Then she took on a new challenge as the quality improvement coordinator at a hospital which provided her with a whole other world of nursing knowledge.
Becky joined the Tri-State Bariatrics team in 2005. As the Bariatric Program Manager one of her heart felt priorities is an advocate for her patients. Becky is constantly seeking new information to provide the best quality of care to her patients. She is a Certified Bariatric Nurse (CBN), attends national bariatric conferences, and has presented at the American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Society’s national convention. Her desire for knowledge is passed onto her patients to empower them about bariatric surgery and the necessary lifestyle changes.

Photo of Tara Rivera
Tara Rivera
RN Program Management

Associates Degree:Reading Area Community College
RN License:New York State
Affiliations:American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Tara L. Rivera is a registered nurse in the state of New York. In 2001, she completed her nursing degree in Reading, Pennsylvania. She moved to Philadelphia to advance her nursing career and skills in the Cardiac Intensive Care unit at the University of Pennsylvania Presbyterian Hospital. She traveled to St. Louis where she had the opportunity to work at Barnes’ Jewish Hospital and Medical Center as a cardiac intensive care nurse. In 2004 she settled in Rockland County, New York where she continued to work as an ICU nurse and in the Post Anesthesia Care unit.
After starting a family, in 2009 she settled into practice management in a new bariatric office where she coordinated the design and build-out of the office space to be compliant with Center of Excellence status. She was also involved in helping the practice achieve this status which entailed detailed maintenance of patient and case load records along with implementing standard bariatric office code compliance. She developed personalized marketing strategies for the practice and became involved in community outreach. She had taken on human resource responsibilities for hiring, credentialing, payroll and accounting as well as implementation of all policies and procedures for the practice. She became proficient in billing with ICD and CPT coding where she later negotiated contracts between the practice and insurance companies to maximize reimbursement. She continually maintains the upgrading of EMR/EHR systems for the practice to keep up with new and ever-changing healthcare requirements.
Being involved in office management, she never wanted to give up nursing and patient care. She continues to help ensure patient safety and quality care from pre to post-operative surgery by providing seminars and support groups as well as updating educational materials and always being available for a hug when needed.

Photo of Jessica Basso
Jessica Basso
RN, BSN Nursing

Jessica graduated from Dominican College with her bachelors of science in nursing. She is a registered professional nurse in the state of New York and a member of the American Nursing Association. Her previous work experience in the healthcare setting has allowed her to be able to assist with patient care in both the administrative and clinical aspects. Her compassion for nursing and helping others brings a positive attitude to the office. As a part of the multidisciplinary team at Tristate Bariatrics Jessica strives to provide and deliver quality patient care as well as to promote a healthy lifestyle. She educates patients on the surgical procedures, assists in the pre-operative workup phase, and truly enjoys encouraging and supporting all her patients while on their weight loss journeys.

Photo of Diana Larson
Diana Larson
RN, BSN Nursing

Mount Saint Mary College:
Bachelors Degree in Nursing
RN License: New Jersey and New York State
Affiliations: American Society of Metabolic and Bariatric Surgery

Diana is a registered nurse who graduated from Mount Saint Mary College with her Bachelors of Science in Nursing. Her previous nursing experience was in the acute care setting where she provided individualized care and maximized treatment plans for her patients. She worked at St. Joseph’s Medical Center in Paterson, New Jersey. Diana’s experience at this facility allowed her to become familiar with Medical/Surgical and Oncology patients. She is a member of Sigma Theta Tau, as well as being ACLS and PALS certified. Diana joined Tri-State Bariatrics in 2014 where she now coordinates and communicates the needs of bariatric surgery patients to improve their quality of life on their weight loss journey. She assists her patients with the desired lifestyle changes necessary to achieve adequate weight loss and educates them on the bariatric surgery procedures. Diana is understanding and compassionate, recognizing the unique needs of each patient and offers exceptional patient-centered care to them.