Are you excited to get started with your bariatric dietary lifestyle?

Pre and Post-Op Diets and Support

DSC_0022.326814321-1024x680The Registered Dietitians at Tristate Bariatrics want work with you to create the best nutrition lifestyle for you. We are dedicated to providing you with quality food and nutrition services. As Dietitians, we prepare people to change their food lifestyles. When you come for monthly visits we will be discussing what you have for meals, when you have your meals, recipe ideas, and beverages that you drink.

Regular Plate / Bariatric Plate size difference
Regular Plate/Bariatric Plate size difference

We want to help you prepare for your new lifestyle after surgery and help you continue to make improvements with dietary choices. We understand that food has different meanings and holds certain memories for everyone. We take these feelings and experiences with food into consideration when working with you. Please browse the Dietitians’ page for information on preoperative and postoperative diet guidelines, protein supplement guidelines, recipe ideas, food journal, vitamin & mineral information, and eating technique tips.

Dietitian’s Advice

tri-state-bariatrics-dietitian1Are you excited to get started with your bariatric dietary lifestyle?! Please open any or all of the handouts directly below to give you guidance as you get started! If you have any questions, please call our office and speak with one of our Dietitians.

Grams of sugar in "common food"
Grams of sugar in “common food”
Pre Op Diet Eating Guidelines Food Categories
Phase I Post- Op Phase II Lapband Post Op Phase II Sleeve/ Bypass
Phase 2.5 Sleeve/Bypass Phase III Solid Food Supplement Information
Bypass/Sleeve Vitamins

Some recipes adapted for Bariatrics

Ranch OmeletTurkey TacoLemon Chicken SaladTurkey Chili
Chicken SkewersAcapulco ChickenChicken Summer SquashGarlic Chicken
Foiled FishEat your GreensFlavorful Grilled ChickenBeverage Recipes
Apple RecipesGrilled TilapiaStuffed Portabella MushroomsChicken Salad Stuffed Tomato

Tri State Bariatrics Dietitian, Sue Manez answers questions regarding proper food choices after bariatric surgery.