Patient Rating Quality of our Surgeons (unfiltered)

How would you rate the overall quality of our Surgeon?

(Excellent: 92%, Good: 6% Average: 2%, Fair: 0%, Poor: 0%)

Patient rating survey results: Quality of Surgeons-Excellent-92%, Good-6%, Average-2%, Fair-0%, Poor-0%
Patient rating survey results: Quality of Surgeons

Although I have only met Dr. Kwon a few times, I find him always there to answer any questions I’ve had. I never feel rushed…Dr kwon rocks!!!

So sweet. Outstanding
Dr. Weiss has been completely understanding and encouraging of my needs, very supportive. He made possible the options to help my weight

loss journey achievable.

Dr. Kwon saved my life and added years to it.

Dr. Kwon gave me my life back. I would recommend him to everyone.

Dr Cepeda very caring & efficient, willing to help.
Dr. Kwon is the BEST – I really like him a lot.
Dr. Weiss has saved my life. I am very glad he was my surgeon.

Dr Cepeda is excellent

Dr Rivera – love him he knows his patients.

Love Dr. Kwons follow up. Its great that he follows patients progress and gives that extra motivation.

Dr Kwon did my surgery – he saved my life!
Dr Cepeda great. He help me with any qeustion that I have of the period of the op. and after.

Dr Kwon did surgery 8/1/07 well pleased.

Dr Cepeda is an excellent doctor & very “on top” of everything.

Dr Kwon – I love him, h has help me!!!
Dr Weiss- very attentive, answers questions learly, explains procedures clearly.

Dr Cepeda is very friendly & trustworthy.

Dr Rivera is kind & patient & very understanding when it comes to any issues that arise.

Dr Weiss – Great! I tell everyone the surgery was the best thing I ever did!
Dr Kwon & Dr Weiss are excellent both made me feel comfortable before, during, & after surgery.
I was very taken with his work.

Dr Cepeda is very friendly and answers all questions.
I only have Dr Kwon and he’s great.

  • All are excellent!
  • Top notch.
  • Very caring.
  • Great!
  • Pleasant, attractive
  • Great job no problem.
  • Kind & compassionate.
  • Excellent everyone was helpful & gets pt in promptly with problems.
  • Great follow-up.
  • Wonderful! Nothing else to be said!
  • Very nice.
  • Everyone is so open and very honest.
  • They are very good doctors.

Dr Kwon was excellent.

Dr Weiss & Dr Cepeda – I meet both and they are great.

Dr Cepeda is a good listener; very caring.
Dr Kwon has been an amazing and very informative doctor. He made me feel very comfortable.
Dr Rivera is a great, knowledgable caring doctor.Dr Kwon – Love Love Love for changing my life forever!

Dr Cepeda is an awsome Dr.Dr Kwon is Great.

Dr Weiss did my surgery & he is my hero! Dr Kwon is awsome bery helpful & understanding.

Dr Kwon – he is the best. Great doctor, wonderful bedside manner!
Professional & understanding. Direct; doesn’t beat around the bush!
Dr Kwon is awesome!
Dr Cepeda has been great, has great bedside manners as well.
Dr Kwon – he was very helpful and detailed.

Dr Kwon is an amazing person.

Dr Rivera is excellent.

  • Dr Cepeda – great surgeon.
  • Dr Kwon – the best!
  • Dr Cepeda is great very thorough.
  • Dr Kwon is wonderful!
  • Dr Cepeda is always there for me.

  • Very professional and polite. Involved in how patient feels.
  • Dr Rivera is very nice. Explained things to my satisfaction. Great patient care.

  • Dr Cepeda – very friendly and asuring.
    Personable, caring, excellent.
    I can’t say enough about Dr. Kwon! Excellent care! I would recommend him to everyone.
    Always very informative and ready to answer all questions.

    Love you Dr Kwon!
    Dr Weiss saved my life!
    Dr Rivera – excellent.
    Dr Weiss was wonderful!
    Very understanding about my life and wants me to be ready for my life change.

    More doctors like Dr Kwon & Dr Weiss.

    Dr Kwon & staff has always been excellent to me & my family!

    Dr Kwon – Excellent surgeon.

    Wonderful & knowledgable.

    Dr Rivera – he was very attentive, always made me feel comfortable.
    Dr Weiss has ben excellent.
    Would highly recommend.
    No pain or discomfort, perfect.

    Dr Kwon – good bed side manners & attentive.
    Excellent surgeon.

    Dr Rivera is the best!