Patient Rating Quality of our Psychiatrist-Dr. Kristin Allison (unfiltered)

How would you rate the overall quality of our Psychiatrist?
(Dr Allison)

(Excellent: 75 %, Good: 18 % Average: 4%, Fair: 3%, Poor: 0%)

Patient rating survey results: Quality of Psychiatrist-Excellent-75%, Good-18%, Average-6%, Fair-3%, Poor-0%
Tri State Bariatrics Patient rating survey results: Quality of Psychiatrist

Comfortable to talk with. Open to my feelings with a calm and reassuring manner. Glad to know she is on staff to help me should I need her to help unravel a problem I may have.
Dr. Allison has been very supportive and open to my personal experience and needs.

Has been there whenever I need both before and after surgery

Pleasant, pretty.

She is great!!
Personable, makes comfortable atmosphere.

Great Staff!

Only met Dr Allison once she was very helpful with my questions.
She helped me a lot.

Dr Allison is easy to speak to. She was very excellent.

  • Very kind and easy to talk to.
  • Very nice.

  • She was great.

  • Very nice, explains thing well.

  • Very nice and helpful.

Dr Allison was a great help.

She is fantastic! Puts all your fears and concerns to rest!

Very good at what she does, stays positive.
I like her she is very nice.


Excellent person.

Only talked to her once very nice.

Willing to answer questions.


Very supportive & helpful.

She was very professional.