Patient Rating Quality of our Nurse Practitioners (unfiltered)

How would you rate the overall quality of our Nurse Practitioners?

(Excellent: 89%, Good: 10% Average: 0%, Fair: 0%, Poor: 0%)

Patient rating survey results: Quality of Nurse Practitioners-Excellent-89%, Good-10%, Average-0%, Fair-0%, Poor-0%
Tri State Bariatrics Patient rating survey results: Quality of Nurse Practitioners

Dr. Fuller is just the kind of person I need to help me keep my eyes on the prize. Her matter of fact demeanor never sugar coats what is necessary for me to keep my focus on what I wish to do. I rely on her motivating pep talks on our visits.

Jody is great!

Words don’t describe how great they are.

I have enjoyed each meeting with all of the ladies.

We love Dr. Fuller. She is so supportive and helps. I can tell her anything and she is apathetic…so caring and understanding. She works with us since we live 3 hours away.

Dr. Fuller is number 1!
They are great and wonderful people.
Jody has been my saving grace. When I need that stern word that I need to get on track she gives it but also always tells me how good of a job I have done. She pushes me to strive to do my very best always. Thank you!

Michele is very compassionate & understanding can be stern when needed.

Michele – efficient and knowledgeable.

Michele tries to cross all the t’s and dot all the I’s.
Michele does an excellent job.

Michele is uplifting & supportive and always has answers. Very informative.

  • Very helpful, outgoing.
  • Great job.
  • Jody – she is my rock!!
  • Awesome
  • Excellent.
  • Great Staff!
  • Wonderful!

Jody is wonderful, answered a lot of questions that I had.
I love her.

Michele is very friendly.

Love Jeanne & Jody.
Friendly, concerned and always gives information that’s needed.

Jody – terrific – keeps me motivated!

Everyone is helpful & informative.
Everyone is wonderful.
Dr Fuller & Jeanne have been my sisters for 3yrs.

Jody was great after surgery.

Jeanne has given me a great deal of emotional support and encouragement, Nursing skills A+.

Dr Fuller – straight forward; honest.
Dr Fuller rocks; she seems to really care about her patients.

Jeanne is the best!

Dr Fuller – super very caring..
Jeanne is helpful with advice.

  • Awesome! Always helpful.
  • Very nice.
  • Always nice.
  • Very nice and helpful.
  • Very knowledgeable.
  • Excellent!
  • Great.
  • Awesome.
  • Very informative.

Michele is easy to get along with.

Michele has been very helpful through out this process.

Michele is very caring and thorough.
Michele – says it like it is and it usually what I need to hear.

Very professional & polite. Involved in how patient feels & concerns about weight.

Michele – nice person who knows her job real well.
Helpful & encouraging.
I have spent time with each one of the NP’s and they are always helpful.
Excellent and caring.

Jody is amazing kind & easy to talk to; I feel very comfortable with her.
Jody-always friendly.

Always willing to listen and help.

Jody always helpful.
Jody is wonderful.

Jody helps every visit in every way she can.

Knowledgeable, friendly, caring.
Love Jody!
Jody – fantastic! Understanding, supportive, informative easy to talk with.
Very nice and compassionate.

They are very good.

Excellent & tell me like it is; thank you!

Love Jeanne she take her time and talks to you.
Jeanne – wonderful, easy to talk to very concerned about her patients.
Jody is great & very supportive.
Very professional.

Dr Fuller has helped me beyond measure!

Michele – caring & asks good questions.

Attentive to my needs.
Very caring, curtious.
Michele is very sweet & understanding with fills or unfills.