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What’s on the APP?:

Your weight decreasing

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Download tristate map my weight APP

Download tristate map my weight APP

Download tristate map my weight APP

Download tristate map my weight APP

How cool is this APP?  Read for yourself…

After over 7,000 surgeries and over 12 years in the field of bariatric surgery, Tri State Bariatrics analyzed the statistical weight loss data of our patients. What this App offers is the expected weight loss over time solely based upon actual data and real patients’ experience within Tri State Bariatrics. After using these curves to set realistic goals for our patients, Tri State Bariatrics has released this App to the entire weight loss surgery community for their use in tracking one’s individual progress with his or her weight loss journey.

The interactive tool – My Weight – lets you record your weight on a weekly basis and compares it to the average of people like you that took this journey with weight loss surgery. In addition, each week, new tips will help you along your journey.

What is so innovative about this App is that the average weight loss curve is based on real weight loss that has been achieved by our patients at Tri State Bariatrics.

Tri State Bariatrics is dedicated to the continuing support of patients after weight loss surgery. At Tri State Bariatrics, we feel that any patient seeking our help is our patient for life and strongly recommend follow-up visits for life.

Please take some time to watch the videos, follow the diet guidelines and record your weight in the interactive “My Weight” feature of this App. Also we encourage you to read many articles written by Tri State clinical staff on how to better manage your diet and life-style to become healthier.

Good luck on your weight loss journey and please send us feedback on the App to make it better.

Get your APP and see the real results.