Lapband exam

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lapband module on Bariatrics to have a better understanding of surgery, pre- and post-ops requirements

Weight loss expectation: the average excess weight loss after the Lapband surgery is 70% of excess weight at 1 year.


Advantages of the Lapband procedure is the lowest mortality rate, being the least invasive surgery, and that it does not require stomach stapling, cutting, or re-routing of the intestinal tract, and is reversible and adjustable.


Excessive vomiting or overeating will not cause the lapband to “slip”, it will only cause discomfort.


To prevent Lapband erosion you must avoid smoking, excessive alcohol consumption, and certain drugs such as aspirin, Advil, Aleve, Motrin and other NSAIDS.


The size or type of medication a patient is taking after Lapband surgery is not important.


The average operation time for the Lapband surgery is 30 minutes and most patients are typically discharged the same day.


The only criteria or reason for adjusting a patient’s Lapband is if they are not loosing weight.


Medical conditions improve or resolve with weight loss resulting from the Lapband surgery; 60% for type II diabetes, 90% for sleep apnea, and 55% for high blood pressure.


The speed limit for drinking fluids is 1 ounce every 5 minutes to prevent stretching of the esophagus or the little stomach above the Lapband.


Disadvantages to the Lapband includes slower initial weight loss than the Gastric Bypass, it requires an implanted medical device, and it requires regular follow-up visits for Lapband adjustments for optimal weight loss.