This is a comfortable setting with like-minded and situational people coming together to hear about surgical weight loss options. At TRI STATE BARIATRICS, we have invested many resources into this program to provide as much information as possible. Currently, we are running 3-4 FIRST STEP Seminars a week.  Sign up now.  Spaces are limited.

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When you attend the First Step Seminar, you will expect to meet some of the supporting staff of Tri State Bariatrics. Supporting Staff like our Dietitians, Nurse Practitioners, Navigators, Psychiatrists and Insurance Liaisons, will be available to give each patient a thorough understanding of the bariatric program Tri State offers and what is expected of each patient, once they have made the commitment to adopt a healthier lifestyle.

The First Step Seminar is the introduction to the bariatric weight loss program offered by Tri State Bariatrics. The goal is to provide each patient with an in-depth look at the process of weight loss surgery and the importance of focusing of what it entails to succeed in adopting the necessary lifestyle change.

Yes. A Tri State Bariatrics Insurance Liaison will carefully examine the insurance information and provide additional information for patients who might be out of network.

Yes. Patient after care following surgery is the most crucial part of the program. This is the time where the patient will need to apply all the tools learned during the course of the program, in order to achieve successful weight loss. After surgery, the patient is expected to have a significant amount of weight loss, following the Tri State Bariatrics weight loss guidelines. Doing so, will allow the patient to have success at the height of their weight loss journey.

Yes. All patients in attendance at the First Step Seminar are encouraged to ask any questions relating to the program. In order for you to feel comfortable, we cannot stress the importance of being thoroughly informed about the weight loss process before making the final decision to have surgery.

The First Step Seminars are held 3 to 4 times a week on scheduled days in all Tri State Bariatric office locations. Fill out this form or call us at 855-EAT-RITE to sign up for The First Step Seminar.

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If you aren’t able to attend our FIRST STEP seminar, we offer an online education seminar (available here).  Although, you should call to come in and consult with our team members to start your journey.