How Much Work it Takes to Burn Off Those Holiday Calories

How Much Work it Takes to Burn Off Calories in your Holiday food

The holiday season is a time filled with joy, family, celebrations and plenty of food. Most holiday food tends to be filled with great flavor and tons of fat, sugar and calories.  You may find these holiday treats very tempting and it may seem impossible to avoid taking a taste here and another there.

Shivering is a workout!

Do do this at home… because shivering is a workout.

There is evidence that shivering in the cold may result in staying healthy and losing weight.

I know. Sounds crazy.  It’s a fun fact.

Researchers have found this motion of shivering can burn calories as if you were working out for an hour. 

thanksgiving tips for eating and weight loss

Thanksgiving Controled Eating Tips for Weight Loss


Eat before the big meal.

Yup.  That is what we said.

Showing up to Thanksgiving dinner with your stomach growling is a terrible idea.  You need to pre-game with a healthy snack, a smallest low-calorie one. Butternut squash soup or a veggie soup about an hour before will control your hunger. 

Trans Fats Facts

Trans Fats Facts

The FDA (Food and Drug Administration) recently issued a statement saying that trans fats are “not generally recognized as safe” for use in human food. What this means is that trans fats, also referred to as partially hydrogenated oils, should not be part of our diets and will need to be eliminated from foods sold in the United States.