Shivering is a workout!

Do do this at home… because shivering is a workout.

There is evidence that shivering in the cold may result in staying healthy and losing weight.

I know. Sounds crazy.  It’s a fun fact.

Researchers have found this motion of shivering can burn calories as if you were working out for an hour. 

Intimacy after Weight Loss Surgery: Learning to be Comfortable with Your New Body

How to deal with body image issues and improve intimacy after weight loss surgery

By: Elizabeth Handler, ANP-BC

Prior to weight loss surgery, patients are eager to think about all the exciting changes that will be happening. They are excited about

  • The possibility of no longer needing medication for diabetes or high blood pressure,

What Diets Go with My Sleeve Gastrectomy in Order to Lose the Most Weight?

How to Lose the Most Weight with The Right Diet After a Sleeve Gastrectomy

By Lisa Deguzman, RD, CDN

Losing weight successfully after a sleeve gastrectomy depends largely on an appropriate diet plan. There are many bariatric programs available now. Each of these programs has its own specific dietary and behavioral guidelines.