Why Follow Up Care is Not Optional for Long-Term Success

Many people go through a surgical procedure, do well for a while, and they regain their weight. A small percentage of this is due to a physical cause related to the surgery or a new illness. For the majority of people, weight regain is the lack of follow up care.

Bariatric surgery is a tool, not cure. If we make no behavioral changes, no commitment to a new life way of life then weight gain is almost inevitable.

Research shows many people do well after surgery. This is due to adjustment to the surgery, enthusiasm for success plus high levels of self-motivation. Over time, people settle into a comfortable zone. While not at their ideal weight, they are much lighter and may have a resolution to their comorbid condition.

There is an incredibly strong pull to go back to our old eating habits. They are comfortable and familiar, and they just feel right. The habits are forged over many years. Think of your old eating habits as your default settings. You will want to revert to these default settings when under stress or when you reach your weight loss goal. Weight maintenance means resisting those urges to slip back into old eating patterns. It’s an ongoing process that may be difficult in the beginning, but as you learn and practice these techniques, they become second nature to you. Over many months and years, you can adjust your default settings. Just because you may have gained the weight back before does not mean that you will again.

The point at which you are reaching your weight goal is a dangerous time. This is when it is natural to start to feel like “everyone else.” You will appear like everyone else on the outside, but you are not. Do not ever lose sight of the fact, or you will be in danger of slipping back into your old habits. Look back in your past. Many patients have lost weight while dieting and regained many times. The difference is that this time you have a tool- the bariatric procedure and the support of the bariatric program.

Your bariatric program is a multidisciplinary team Made up of surgeons, a psychiatrist, nurse practitioners, registered dieticians, and nurses. Each team member will aide you in your journey to guide and support you through weight loss goal and long term maintenance.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne