Thanksgiving Bariatric Style!

Thanksgiving Bariatric Style!

The end of the year is quickly approaching and with that comes the holiday season. (Thanksgiving, Christmas, Hanukah, etc.) The holiday season and food tend to go hand in hand. In fact, people tend to gain an average of 5 to 10 pounds between Thanksgiving and New Year’s. Trying to prevent that extra weight gain is a challenge for anyone so to make this thanksgiving holiday bariatric style remember to be wise, eat right, diet, and exercise.

So let’s begin and go over the ways we can turn this thanksgiving and every thanksgiving bariatric style.

My first tip, when arriving to any holiday party, try not to arrive hungry, this way you won’t feel famished and want to overeat.

Next, Remember to always eat your protein first (ham or turkey-no skin) protein is the MOST essential portion of your diet, adequate intake is necessary for wound healing, preserving lean body mass, enhancing fat-burning metabolism and minimizing hair loss. It’s essential that you eat protein first at every meal, not just on thanksgiving. And after you eat your protein, if you’re still hungry you can take a few small bites of your side dish.

And when choosing a side dish, stick with the non-starchy vegetables such as green beans, broccoli, carrots, spinach, or zucchini. Stay away from those high starchy foods such as potatoes, sweet potatoes, corn, pasta, or stuffing. And if you must include a starchy food in your meal limit yourself to a bite or two.

Also remember to stay away from those second helpings/servings which will contribute to increased caloric intake, I suggest sitting far away from those tempting foods or buffets this way you won’t be drawn to eat more food or go for seconds.

Stop eating when you start to feel full, don’t push yourself to finish those last few bites.

Don’t drink beverages high in calories, Try to stick with Water, Diet Snapple, Crystal light, or Tea and if you do decide to drink an alcoholic beverage limit yourself to just one. Alcoholic beverages are empty calories and cause increased caloric intake.

For dessert, avoid the sugary desserts, even though they look, smell, and taste good, there not good for you. Choose a dessert that will be healthier, such as fruit, sugar free jello, or a yogurt.

Try to stay as active as possible this holiday season as well, try to include some form of exercise into your routine, especially if you consume meals high in caloric intake, it’s important that you burn those unwanted calories off before they store as fat in the body and cause weight gain.

I hope that these guidelines will help our bariatric patients to make those healthier decisions this holiday. I would also like to wish everyone a very happy, safe, and most importantly a healthy thanksgiving. And remember to be wise this holiday, eat right, diet, and exercise and you can avoid that unnecessary weight gain that the holidays sometimes bring.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne