Mental vs. Physical Hunger

Mental vs. Physical Hunger

Do you know what role food plays in your life? Food can be a major companion in your life-for comfort, stress relief, a reward, to celebrate, social engagements, end boredom, etc. It’s always there when you need it. Unfortunately, emotional eating doesn’t fix the problem-it actually creates more problems. Emotional eating will make you feel good for a short period of time, but after feel worse. It’s time to break that cycle and create a healthy relationship with food.

How to identify if you are an emotional eater (

  • Do you eat ore when you are stressed?
  • Do you eat when you are not hungry or when you are full?
  • Do you eat to feel better?
  • Do you reward yourself with food?
  • Do you eat until you are uncomfortably full?
  • Does food make you feel safe?
  • Do you feel or think food is your friend?
  • Do you feel powerless or out of control?

Now that you have identified that you are an emotionally eating, below are some tips to help you take control:

  • Ask yourself if you are physically hungry
  • Distract yourself (take a walk, engage in meditation, read, listen to music)
  • Keep a mood/food journal
  • Replace emotional eating with adaptive coping skills
Mary Anne

Mary Anne