Keeping Your Head in the Game (Part 1)

Keeping Your Head in the Game (Part 1)

Recent studies show that bariatric patients’ regular attendance to support groups is the key to long term success. Some patients receive support from their families and others receive it from their friends. However, support groups have welcoming atmospheres that encourage you to attend. As you begin your journey towards weight loss, the topic of support groups is discussed.
The members of the health care team stress the importance of regular attendance both prior to surgery and after. Most patients promise their surgeon that they will attend and incorporate regular attendance into their daily routines.

Excuses, we all have them:

“My life is too hectic.”

We all have busy and hectic schedules. As patients lose weight, they feel that their days become consumed with even more activities. Many of the patients that have achieved success have said they let go of some of the activities in their lives so they can focus on their new journey and weight loss goals. It is acceptable to clean your house or do the laundry a day later so you can attend a support group.

“I do not feel like an insider, I feel more like an outsider.”

It may seem intimidating or strange for some individuals to walk into a room full of people who all seem to know each other. The hardest step for a first timer might be just walking to the door. The recurring patients quickly recognize a new patient and help their minds at ease by telling the new attendees the story of their journeys. This usually makes new patient feel more comfortable.“I am doing well on my own, I do not need them.”

You may feel as thought you do not need a support group because you are doing well. Most individuals do face challenges and hurdles along the way at some point in their journey. Attending a support group from the beginning should be a priority.

The benefits greatly out number the excuses for not attending a support group. Attending a bariatric support group prior to surgery can have many beneficial effects on the patient. It is important to connect with individuals who are in the same situation as you are. Clearing your schedule to attend support groups on an regular basis is key to long-term success on your weight loss journey.


Mary Anne

Mary Anne