Diabetes Surgery Named Top Medical Innovation for 2013

Conversations on the unexpected benefits of bariatric surgery rise to the top of healthcare conversations in 2013.

According to a survey of Cleveland Clinic physicians and researchers, bariatric surgery for diabetes treatment has been named the “most important medical innovation for 2013”. Philip Schauer, MD, director of the Bariatric and Metabolic institute at the clinic, said that bariatric surgery was selected “because it’s an effective treatment for diabetes, not just for weight loss”.

The panel made its decision based on the merits of different innovations including devices, diagnostics, drugs, procedures and information technology advances. One hundred and fifty nominations of emerging technologies were reviewed and the benefits of bariatric surgery led to its recognition as the top medical innovation.

Original article: Gever, J. (2012, October 31). Diabetes surgery tops medical innovation list. From www.medpagetoday.com.

Mary Anne

Mary Anne